Sarkis Nourian, Armenian Jewelry Association President, CEO Oro Diamante, CA, USA

Modern equipment, clean facility, clean environment. Up to date medical equipment.

Hrachya Keshishyan, Filmmaker, Director, Producer

High-class medical services, professional approach to every patient. Competency, accuracy, a very clean and friendly environment.

Tatul Manaseryan, Professor | Faculty of Economics and Management - Chair of Economics and International Economic Relations

I consider Ajapnyak Medical Center the best I have seen for medical treatment. The level of skills, equipment and the infrastructure of the Medical Center for me is all that I need.

Ashot Ghazaryan, Armenian singer, showman, presenter and actor.

Friendly staff, competent and professional team. Very patient-oriented approach.

Karen Giloyan, Head of Sports Department. He is the most emotional commentator of Armenia.

Better to stay healthy and do everything for keeping the health, but if you are sick, I would only highly recommend finding your treatment in Ajapnyak Medical Center․

Karen Giloyan Public TV Company of Armenia Head of Sports Department
Iwona Gacek, PH.D, MS, MD, Senior Surgeon, University Clinic in Aachen, Germany

Since I know how by whom the Ajapnyak Medical Center is founded and managed, I am confident that every patient can be treated absolutely secure and competent.

Iwona Gacek Ph.D, MS, MD, Senior Surgeon University Clinic in Aachen, Germany