Sarkis Nourian, Armenian Jewelry Association President, CEO Oro Diamante, CA, USA

Modern equipment, clean facility, clean environment. Up to date medical equipment.

Hrachya Keshishyan, Filmmaker, Director, Producer

High-class medical services, professional approach to every patient. Competency, accuracy, a very clean and friendly environment.

Tatul Manaseryan, Professor | Faculty of Economics and Management - Chair of Economics and International Economic Relations

I consider Ajapnyak Medical Center the best I have seen for medical treatment. The level of skills, equipment and the infrastructure of the Medical Center for me is all that I need.

Karen Giloyan, Head of Sports Department. He is the most emotional commentator of Armenia.

Better to stay healthy and do everything for keeping the health, but if you are sick, I would only highly recommend finding your treatment in Ajapnyak Medical Center․

Karen Giloyan Public TV Company of Armenia Head of Sports Department