Radical Prostatectomy for Malignant Tumor Using Laparoscopic Method

Recently, a radical prostatectomy for a malignant tumor was performed using the laparoscopic method at the “Ajapnyak” Medical Center.

The surgery was carried out thanks to the collaborative efforts of the head of the Dilanian Clinic in Moscow, an experienced and renowned urologist, oncologist, and surgeon, our compatriot Dr. H.E. Dilanian, along with the surgical and urological specialists of the “Ajapnyak” Medical Center.

This highly complex operation can be performed laparoscopically only through the expert teamwork of specialists, as it requires exceptional coordination and individual skills from the surgical team.

The surgical process was further complicated by the tumor’s invasion into adjacent organs, necessitating the surgical team’s additional skills and efforts to completely remove the affected areas, thereby providing the foreign patient with a greater chance of recovery.

Laparoscopic radical prostatectomy for prostate cancer is rarely performed in Armenia due to the high technical and professional requirements for this procedure.

Dr. H.E. Dilanian regularly visits our Center and performs highly complex surgeries.


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