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AJAPNYAK dental clinic is equipped with trendy equipments with the latest generation of artificial intelligence. The Dental Clinic is an official partner of about 20 European and American factories producing famous materials and implants, which allows us to work exclusively with high-quality materials and equipment.

The center has an innovative digital CADCAM laboratory, which allows obtaining high-precision dental structures from zirconia in one day, excluding the human factor. A full range of services is provided here, from pediatric dentistry to implantation, as well as the most complex maxillofacial and surgical interventions. Implantology is a matter of particular pride for the Clinic, as many actors and celebrities entrust their smiles to Ajapnyak Dental Clinic, and in the most complex cases, our colleagues turn to us with confidence.

Symptoms & Diagnosis

AJAPNYAK medical center is equipped with a unique sterilization department, where three-level disinfection is carried out using automatic control. Patients’ hands are also disinfected before entering the dental room.

Thanks to the diagnostic laboratory of the AJAPNYAK Medical Center, it is possible to obtain both serum and blood plasma, the use of which makes the treatment more effective and faster.

In particular, it refers to the PRF method, which is the innovation of modern dental implantation. Blood is taken from the patient, the blood is centrifuged, gluconized,which is then used mainly during implantation and surgery as well facilitates the recovery process as much as possible.

These and many other innovative medical solutions are now available at ‘’Ajapnyak‘’ Dental Clinic.

Lenka Misakyan
stomatologist, pediatric orthodont, orthoped
Samvel Vardanyan
stomatologist, orthopedy
Arsen Nersisyan
stomatologist, therapy, orthopedy
Hermine Kurghinyan
stomatologist, therapy, orthopedy
Liana Hakobyan
pediatric stomatologist
Lusine Stepanyan
stomatologist, therapy, orthopedy
Sergey Ghazanchyan
Maxillofacial surgeon


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