Ultrasound procedure

Department Info

Ultrasound examinations in AJAPNYAK Medical Center are performed with premium-grade Phillips EPIQ 5 equipment which enables the physician to obtain accurate and informative images. The organs, vessels are being examined.

The 4D examination is being performed of the fetus, which is very important for the detection of pathologies during pregnancy.

Symptoms & Diagnosis

Our equipment has a feature of the newest method elastography which gives the opportunity to distinguish the tumors non-invasive.


Araksya Sarkhoshyan
OB/GYN specialist, Head of diagnostic department, Deputy Director in Expertise, Ultrasound specialist
Tatev Simonyan
OB/GYN specialist, surgical gynecologist
Heghine Sargsyan
Ultrasound diagnostics specialist
Armine Sharambekyan
Radiologist, X-ray specialist, Ultrasound
Karine Aghalaryan
Ultrasound Specialist, Duplex specialist
Elizabet Grigoryan
Cardiologist, EchoCG specialist, Holter specialist
Mkhitaryan Armenuhi
Ultrasound doctor


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