Experienced and skilled oncologists of Ajapnyak Medical Center can help you get rid of oncological diseases both in a surgical and chemotherapeutical way․

Abdominal, gynecological and urological oncological surgeries are performed in the center. Port catheters are also placed to receive chemotherapy drugs.

Oncology services

In the center are carried out:

Being well equipped technically and having professional staff, our surgical department certainly allows to perform even the most complex oncological surgeries: thyroid, breast, stomach, kidney, colon, uterus, ovarian, genitourinary organs (bladder, prostate, urethra), etc. surgeries.

There are a variety of settings in which chemotherapy may be used in people with cancer:

To cure the cancer without other treatments,

After other treatments, such as surgery, to kill any cancer cells, that might remain in the body,

To prepare the patient for other treatments, such as radiation and surgery.


 It is desirable to carry out the treatment in more relaxed, caring, comfortable environment, but at the same time in a medical center providing a multidisciplinary care and supervision, where various experienced specialists can be involved in the treatment process. Chemotherapy can have various consequences and side effects, which are possible to prevent or minimize when the patient is in safe hands.

“Ajapnyak” Medical Center provides palliative (comfort) service both directly in the day hospital, and at home. Palliative services are used by patients fighting cancer, who need care and medical supervision after chemotherapy or radiation therapy. It is also being applied for various intensive bed patients care and supervision organizing purposes, as well as for helping patients due to terminal cancer disease. The palliative care team consists of highly qualified oncologists, palliative physicians, psychologists, and nurses.


Grigorii Manukyan
General surgeon, laparoscopic and bariatric surgeon, Ph.D., Founder and CMO of “Ajapnyak” Medical Center
Edgar Haroutunyan
Surgeon, laparoscopic surgeon
Belogurova Aleksandra


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