Department Info

There is a gynecological service in AJAPNYAK Medical Center, where surgical and conservative treatment of gynecological diseases is carried out. Conservative methods of treatment are intended for the treatment of gynecological patients with menstrual cycle disorders, inflammatory diseases, infertility, and miscarriages.

Symptoms & Diagnosis

The spectrum of obstetrics and gynecological services includes:


Grigorii Manukyan
General surgeon, laparoscopic and bariatric surgeon, Ph.D., Founder and CMO of “Ajapnyak” Medical Center
Araksya Sarkhoshyan
OB/GYN specialist, Head of diagnostic department, Deputy Director in Expertise, Ultrasound specialist
Artyom Mashuryan
OB/GYN specialist, surgical gynecologist
Susanna Hakobyan
OB/GYN specialist
Kharatyan Siranush


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