Department Info

ENT doctors are providing outpatient and inpatient treatment based on the well-known ENT International guidelines, ensuring the highest quality of the diagnostics and treatment. This commitment helps to achieve the satisfaction of the patient.
One of the important factors by the treatment is the ability to work in a team with plastic, esthetic, dental and other specialists, which also comply with the requirements of ISO standards demonstrated in AJAPNYAK Medical Center

The Department of ENT is performing other the OR facilities different high-tech interventions, where the skilled and trained surgeons are needed.
So, the full competency of the specialist in ENT working in the AJAPNYAK Medical Center will assist you from small till complicated cases.
In AJAPNYAK Medical Center different types of examinations including audiometry and endoscopy are also available.

Symptoms & Diagnosis

List of examinations and treatments in AJAPNYAK Medical Center within the ENT department:


Norayr Chechanov
ENT specialist, surgeon
Chilingaryan Anahit
ENT specialist, ENT surgeon, audiometry specialist
Vakhtang Kapyan


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