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Department Info

DENTAL Laboratory is one of the most advanced laboratories in Armenia, where every detail of ceramics and other dental prosthesis can be done with highest precision ever in absolutely short time. This is what we can guarantee. We receive daily many positive feedback. Every single order firstly analyzed and virtually completed in 4D model, than the specialist check with intelligent graphics technology every single corner and detail of the figure.
Finally, when the model can confirmed by intelligent system — the figure can be started to build up.
Finalizing of the model is controlled virtually, which reduce the human error factors and provide perfectly built structure in few minutes.
This is not just because the equipment installed in dental lab on of the best in the world, but also because of specialists, trained to keep highest standards of quality control.

Symptoms & Diagnosis

Thanks to the Dental Lab we have, our patients can easily receive the on-time visit answer to the different issues related to orthodontics.

One of the achievements is to provide very fast and accurate results within several minutes, which comply with the general goal of the AJAPNYAK Medical and AJAPNYAK Dental Centers.


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