Department Info

The structure of the neurological center includes an outpatient department, the Department of Functional Studies of the Nervous System and the Visual Diagnostics and Rehabilitation Department. AJAPNYAK Medical Center provides diagnoses and treatments for patients of all ages.

Symptoms & Diagnosis

Our the skilled and professional doctors are examining, diagnosing the patients, prescribing the correspondent treatment, if necessary – paraclinical, laboratory and instrumental examinations are performed at a high level in AJAPNYAK Medical Center

Neurological service provides both outpatient and inpatient care.

Acute and chronic diseases of the nervous system, brain vascular diseases, strokes, post-traumatic brain and spinal cord disorders, primary and secondary neuroses, complicated diseases of bacterial and viral infections of the cerebral and spinal cord are being treated. In the case of severe pain syndrome, local blockades are performed.


Vergine Khachatryan
Neurologist, Vertebrology specialist


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